Electric Vehicle Charging

That's where we can help. M-TEC Electrical Services are fully approved installers for Electric Vehicle Charging Points and can install electric vehicle chargers, from the most basic system, to the more sophisticated fastcharge range. We are OLEV authorised installers, based in Inverness. Providing our clients with a professional and qualified service. Your first choice for EV chargepoints whether it be a domestic or Commercial property.

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A complete Electrical Vehicle Chargepoint installation service to your home or workplace, by OLEV authorised installers. Site surveys are included within the cost so any issues can be identified prior to install. Qualified and reliable installers who will fully install your new chargepoint.  All electrical works are undertaken by NICEIC approved contractors with EV Chargepoint accreditation.


A full EV chargepoint installation for your business. We can provide cost effective advice and provide electrical installation design for your business requirements. We can install and maintain Workplace Chargepoints at both your business premises and your employees homes. You can also claim up to £500 Government funding per charger.


  • An OLEV approved Chargepoint;
  • Maximum 10m cable from Distribution Board to Chargepoint;
  • Distribution Board MUST have a spare Breaker on a non RCD (Residual Current Device) protected circuit;
  • Cable must be surface mounted and clipped direct to wall surface (no ground works);
  • Earthing arrangements must comply with current regulations BS7671;
  • Chargepoint must also be fixed to main property;
  • Homeowner must comply with all OLEV Domestic Scheme terms and conditions;
  • Using the IET code of practice, NICEIC and British Standards Regulations BS7671, 2018 to ensure installation complys with all regulations;
  • Domestic EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) will be issued on completion of works.


Advice on how to get the correct funding for your EV Chargepoint from the Government.

As EV Chargepoint Scotland are OLEV authorised installers you will be eligible to claim money back on your installation through either the Workplace Charging Scheme or the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.


We offer this service at great rates, all while providing clients with personalized attention that is catered to their needs.
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