Electrical Testing and PAT/EICR Certification

PAT Testing

PAT testing must be carried out in order to comply with the electricity at work act and involves testing all appliances periodically, normally yearly, but it varies depending on the type of appliance. M-TEC can carry out all your PAT testing needs and email you your results, as well as fit stickers to all your appliances to keep a visual warning of the status of the appliance.

EICR Certification

An EICR deals with the fixed wiring installation in your property. If you are a landlord or a person responsible for a buildings upkeep and health & safety, it is your responsibility to have your electrical installations checked, and any unsafe defects rectified.

It is recommended that any property owner (ie the general public) should also have their installations checked at the recommended intervals and any faults dealt with. Some insurance companies are now asking for it even in private dwellings.